Detailed Product Overview - STONE Tethered Docking Station

The Stone Tethered Docking Station bridges the gap between your existing devices and your brand new MacBook. We like to think of it as giving you your ports back!
Connect your external display, full sized keyboard and mouse, take advantage of a wired ethernet connection, and power and charge your MacBook at full speed all with a single cable connection.

Stone will connect to any USB-C computer and provides the following capabilities:

1 x TRRS audio jack
1 x SDCard slot (UHS-II)
1 x Gigabit Ethernet port
1 x mini DisplayPort 1.2 Dual Mode
1 x USB-C output
1 x USB-C input
3 x USB-A (3.1, Gen 1)
Included in the box, you will receive:
Stone Tethered Docking Station, exclusively in Space Gray
Power Supply (Compatible with any voltage between 100-240)Power Cable (North American Type-B or Type-C/Type-G within Europe)
USB 3.1 cable (Type-C)

Stone will also fully power and charge your MacBook (up to 85W upstream).

All of the USB ports are 3.1 (Gen 1) and the docking station is able to output to a single display at up to 4K 30Hz resolution (2K/3K displays will output at full resolution at up to 60Hz). To ensure compatibility, we recommend using only DisplayPort/mini DisplayPort. If you wish to connect a display that does not use a mini DisplayPort connection, you'll need an adapter. These are available at almost all electronics retailers and we carry the most common types on our own website in the Accessories section.

**please note:**The USB-C port on the rear of the dock is for data and power only and will not transmit video.
The dimensions of Stone are:
17cm x 8.2cm x 2.35cm and weighs 0.18kg
The dimensions of the PSU that comes with Stone are:
13cm x 6.35cm x 2.86cm and weighs 0.46kg
The length of the (non-modular) power lead that connects to Stone:
The length of the (modular) power lead that connects to the wall:
**please note:**The Stone docking station is a USB device and will notwork with Thunderbolt displays or devices

The specs for the forthcoming Thunderbolt 3 version of Stone have not yet been finalized. Once they are, that information will be appended to this article.

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