Troubleshooting: Dead Keys / Incorrect Characters

Let's try some troubleshooting to get your Brydge working as it should.

  1. in the language settings of your iPad please be sure you have English-US set with no secondary languages. If you have a secondary language set please delete this as the iPad will not read the Brydge input correctly.
  2. Delete/forget your Brydge from the Bluetooth list by going Settings > Bluetooth > and then tapping the blue information icon to forget the device.
  3. Open the "Settings" app
  4. Go to “General” section
  5. Choose “Reset” and then select “Reset Network Settings”

In addition, could you also try pairing your Brydge to an alternate iOS device such as an iPhone or other iPad to see if the situation is replicated.
If the issue continues, please contact with your order information and a brief video or description of the issue.

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