Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the status of my order?

    Curious if you're order has shipped or when it will arrive? You should have received an email from us when you placed your order and you'll receive one again once it ships, if it hasn't already. Unable to locate that? not a problem. Click our trusty BrydgeBot on the lower right side of this, or ...
  • How do I know which Brydge product will work for me?

    Having a hard time finding the dock for you? We’ve got you covered! Browse for your brand/device in the list below and click the corresponding country/region to be taken to the appropriate page. From there, use the navigation on the left to filter devices compatible with yours. Universal Docki...
  • How do I pair my Brydge with my tablet?

    Unsure how to pair your iPad or Surface tablet with your Brydge? Don't worry, its fast and easy! Click your device below: iPad Surface
  • Inserting and removing your tablet in a Brydge

    Unlike the flimsy kick-stand style of other keyboards, our hinged design can position your tablet where you need it to be with an up to 180° viewing angle for the ultimate laptop-like experience. With a quick and easy install and removal process, you can quickly swap between keyboard and tablet m...
  • Can I use a screen protector with a Brydge?

    We cannot authorize the use of any third party screen protector or case as the added bulk is not accounted for during production of the Brydge. Using a third party case or screen protector can potentially result in damage to your device. We do, however, have screen protectors available that are m...
  • Does the Brydge come in different colors?

    Brydge, for both iPad and Surface tablets, does come in a variety of colors but it is dependent on the model. Any available color options are displayed on the product page. Selecting one will display a preview of the color and should be selected prior to clicking Add to Cart.
  • Will the Vertical Dock work with my laptop?

    The Brydge Vertical Dock is designed to be custom fit to the device in question. Brydge currently makes Vertical Docks for MacBook and Surface laptops only. Refer to the product pages and select the model of your device before adding to cart. Surface Laptop Vertical Dock US | AU | ~~EU ~~| ~~UK...
  • Where can I find a digital version of the user guide for my Brydge?

    The user guides for all of our products can be found here.